Let It Shine Music Studio in Salem, Oregon

Let It Shine Music Studio in Salem, Oregon

Laugh. Sing. Dance. Cherish. Share.

Hello Musicians of all Ages!

Let It Shine is a community of joyful, lifelong learners. We believe that everyone: every child and every grown up has the capacity to grow and flourish musically. We believe that in the process of striving, and through commitment, character is developed. We believe that music connects us and brings us together. We know that music makes our lives fuller and other types of learning easier.

Through our early childhood music program we offer classes for young children and their grown ups including Suzuki Instrument Instruction. As parents AND music educators, we understand the challenges and rewards that music study presents. We work to support kiddos and celebrate successes.  Welcome!


Johana St. Clair, Let It Shine Music Studio Director

Hello and welcome to Let It Shine Music Studio! This is a place where young minds come alive to the sound of music. Music has always been a force in my own life, from youth through today. Through the guiding hand of the Suzuki method I build students' confidence in their chosen instrument, and in the joy of learning music.

The Suzuki Method

At Let It Shine, we utilize the "Suzuki Method" of music instruction. I love the Suzuki Method and think it is ideal for children who start music very young. The Suzuki Method was founded by Shinichi Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki's observations of language learning included these elements: 1) Children listen...